Sacred Spaces Catalog

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In his first ever public exhibition of Frank Lloyd Wright photography, photographer Andrew Pielage brings us in to some of Wright's Sacred Spaces, inviting us to discover and embrace the spiritual and inspirational qualities within. This catalog is the companion to the traveling exhibit featuring over thirty photographs of Pielage’s work from a dozen Wright sites, with pieces selected to highlight the use of light, texture, and composition to create space.

Frank Lloyd Wright always spelled Nature with a capital N, saying “You might say that Nature is the God of the architect.” Whether it is the deep reverence for the landscape, the incorporation of natural elements like light and shadow, or an intangible quality only possible through shear genius, Wright’s spaces all have a sacred quality that is calming, healing, and inspirational.

  • Softcover - 8.5" x 9.5"
  • 24 pages