Magaña Sculpture - Family

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Mexican sculptor Mardonio Magaña (1866-1947) captured the scenes of day-to-day life in his artwork. He was among a circle of artists that included Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera, who in 1930 proclaimed him "the greatest contemporary Mexican sculptor" during the opening of his first solo exhibition.

Carved of limestone, the original untitled piece, completed around 1935, embodied the folk life of Mexico - a particular collecting interest of the Kaufmann family. This family grouping can still be found on the wall of Edgar Kaufmann Sr.'s terrace, and is one of four works by the artist in the Fallingwater collection. Faithfully replicated, this reproduction sculpture carefully captures the detail, texture, and character of the original Mardonio Magaña - Untitled (Family).

  • Dimensions: Approximate Size 10" x 9.25" X 12.5"
  • Material: Cast Resin
  • Care: Indoor and protected outdoor use