Masselink Coasters

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Eugene B. Masselink (1910-1962) came to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin Fellowship in 1933 with a degree in art and a desire to learn. He was one of Wright’s earliest apprentices at the Taliesin Fellowship, and soon became indispensable to Wright - acting as both his personal secretary for over twenty years and designated muralist. He developed his own unique graphic style, using abstract natural forms compatible with Wright’s designs and philosophy, and experimented with abstract line drawing studies using the three tools Wright used to create his designs - the T-square, the compass, and the triangle. Known as abstract pattern studies, the exercises developed by Masselink and others in the early years at Taliesin were produced through graphically reducing a natural form to an assemblage of geometric shapes and setting them onto an orthogonal or angular grid.

  • Set of 4 coasters
  • Dimensions: 4.25" x 4.25"
  • Material: Absorbent cast-stone with cork backing